How should I care/clean my flogger


We actually don’t do anything at all to our floggers and have them for many, many years.  But, here are the “do’s and don’ts:

For light cleaning you can use the essence of saddle soap. This means just put some on your fingers and rub them together till you get a foamy consistency and then rub them on the tails and wipe it off again. Use a light coating. You can also use any leather cleaner or conditioner BUT BE WARNED it may change the feel of the leather, especially, if you use heavy conditioners or similar products.

When it comes to blood and or other body fluids:
Note: The information contained in these topics is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, it is provided for educational purposes.

You can do old school style which is once your play partner(s) leave blood or body fluids that is “their” toy now.  Meaning it will and only be used on them.  Of course this is a luxury few can afford.

After many tests with various disinfectants including everything from alcohol to Techni-Care(which is back on the market by the way, after being removed for a while due to red tape reasons) we’ve found that a good old 10% bleach solution is the least harmful thing to use on your floggers. (This is what you’ll find in most BDSM play areas/Dungeons when you are out at an event) Spray your flogger(s) down with the solution, hang and let air dry.  Also, just hanging your flogger(s) in the air to “air out” for a while will kill most anything. We know one very knowledgable person who hangs their toy in their closet for a few months and feels very secure that their toys are safe to use. Contaminations die at different rates. For example  HIV virus dies pretty quickly once it comes into contact with the air however Hepatitis C takes a long time to die, it can live for weeks, some say even months outside of a host, so contact with a contaminated flogger(s)/toy could spread the virus, even if the toy has not been used in a while. It’s up to you and your partner(s) to do your homework and find out what level of risk you are comfortable with.



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