Floggers can be made countless different ways by combining different tails with different colors and patterns on the handles. Please look through our many different types of floggers by clicking on the low intensity floggermedium intensity flogger and high intensity flogger links. The following is some general information about our floggers. Remember we are here to help you. Feel free to email us with your questions and we will be glad to walk you thru ordering. Our standard floggers are 1/2″ wide and have the following specifications: (Any exceptions to these guidelines are noted in the descriptions of the particular flogger.)

  Number of Tails Length of Tails
Length of Tails
Length of Tails
Handle Length Handle Circum- ference
Mini 9-14 8″-13″ 7″ 3.25″
Standard 18-22 13″-16″ 17″-20″ 21″-24″ 9″ 3.5″
Double 35-45 13″-16″ 17″-20″ 21″-24″ 9″ 3.5″
Cats 9-12 13″-16″ 17″-20″ 21″-24″ 9″ 3.5″
Mop 65-100 21″-24″ 11″ 4.0″

Sting Vs. Thud – Ahh the age old question. All floggers have some of each but here is the rule of thumb. Sting is decided mostly by the type of hide you are using and how much moisture is retained during the tanning process; whereas Thud is decided by the total mass of the flogger. How thick is the hide and how many tails do you have?

Doubling the tails dramatically increases the thud of the flogger, giving you that cathartic slam. This is important in lighter and medium hides where you may want a very soft feel but lots of thud.

Matched flogger pairs / twin sets allow you to create a wide range of sensations. They are often used for two-handed / Florentine Flogging, where two floggers are used at the same time. Elk and Deer are very popular hides for this type of play as most people prefer a lighter flogger to save wear and tear on their wrists. Then again, we know people who have Matched pairs of EVERYTHING and just love them, so it depends on how strong your wrists are.

Flogger Handle Patterns Flogger handle patterns

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