High Intensity Floggers


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High Intensity floggers, like the ones on this page can quickly become very intense if not used with care. Make sure you have practiced on your pillow before you use these on your partner. General information applicable to all our floggers can be found on our Main Floggers page.

Bootlace Floggers

This type of flogger has a very stingy and unique feel to it. A very good item to purchase when you're looking for something fairly high intensity and want something a little different from standard flat tail floggers but don't want to go into metals or rubber.
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Bull Flogger

Bull is an incredibly thick, dense leather. Very similar to buffalo but not as spongy and a bit more stingy. This is another one of our most popular floggers and a standard that everyone needs in their bag. Bullhide offers an excellent combination of thud and sting.
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Chain Flogger

This flogger is extremely intense and should only be used by experienced players. Stainless steel chain provides a very painful sensation when used with a traditional flogger strike. However, chain also offers a unique sensation when dragged across previously warmed up skin. Especially when the flogger has been chilled in a freezer! This is also a great toy to use with a violet wand if you hold one strand in your hand and use the "violet wand pad" that electrifies your body.
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Latigo Flogger

Made from Latigo leather, these floggers start at intense and get worse. The tails are heavy, thick, and stiff. This flogger will quickly become the favorite of any masochist. Generally 12 to 15 tails per flogger, each 1/2 inch wide.
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Leather Barbed Wire Flogger

Leather Barbed Wire is a stock leather cord that looks just like barbed wire. The leather is less intense than the rubber barbed wire. The silver color looks a LOT like real barb wire and can really screw with their mind!
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Rubber Flogger

Our rubber floggers are made from high-quality solid rubber cording, they are all sting and NOT recommended for the faint of heart. This is a VERY high-intensity toy and should only be used by experienced players. Tails available in black only. We have 2 types of rubber floggers, Thin & Thick. The Thin tails will give you intense sting with very little thud, while the Thick tails (The picture on your left is a 'Thick/Double') add a serious PUNCH along with the extreme sting. Thin tails are 9 for single/18 for double. Thick tails are 5 for single/10 for double.
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Rubber Hose

Who hasn't heard of someone getting 'worked over' with a rubber hose in some old movie or detective novel? This is a VERY high intensity toy. Physically you can do some serious damage/fulfill a masochists darkest fantasy or you can use this toy lightly but scare the bejesus out of someone just threatening them with this scary thing!! Approx 30' in total length, hose is approx 19'.
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Stock Braid Flogger

Lots of sting, minimum effort! This is another one of those basic items that everyone should have in their bag. If you want to add some thud, make it a double. Four-strand round braided flogger (9 tails for single/18 tails for a double).
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