Medium Intensity Floggers


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Medium Intensity Floggers, like the ones on this page are in that sweet spot between soft and hard. Elk is one of our most popular hides and a great starting flogger. General information applicable to all our floggers can be found on our Main Floggers page.

Elk Flogger

Elk is one of our most popular hides. It is extremely versatile and feels wonderful. A regular size elk flogger can feel soft but stingy and is an excellent weight for people who want to learn double handed (florentine) flogger technique. One of our most popular floggers is the Double Elk as it has great THUD with a nice soft feel. Many people ask us ‘what is a good FIRST flogger?’ or ‘if I can only afford one flogger what would you suggest? We usually recommend a Double Elk or Moose (or a Single if you are not as into a thuddy feel).
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Moose Flogger

Moose is very similar to elk but just a bit thicker and a thuddier. If elk feels just a bit too soft for you, this is a great choice. Moose is another great choice for a first flogger!
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Suede Flogger

If you want something medium weight but a bit more sting then elk, Suede is for you! The perfect middle weight flogger that comes in many beautiful colors. Suede offers an excellent balance of thud and sting due to the weight and abrasive finish of suede. Double tails will make the flogger extra thuddy!
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