Low Intensity Floggers


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These Low Intensity Floggers are the softest floggers we offer, both in terms of intensity and the feel of the tails. They make excellent breast and genital whips and are wonderful for sensation play. If you are looking for a good beginner flogger, Deer is good but very light. You might want to try Elk on the Medium Intensity Flogger Page. General information applicable to all our floggers can be found on our Main Floggers page.

Deer Flogger

Deerskin is a very soft, very supple, very sensual leather that offers a bit of a "pop" but little sting and almost no thud. Deer makes a great genital or breast whip.
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Rabbit Fur Flogger

Very soft, very yummy! Rabbit floggers offer great tactile sensations. Tail lengths are somewhat shorter than our standard length categories due to the size of the hides. "Double sided standard" are 2 hides glued back to back, "Double sided 2x" are a total of 4 hides glued back to back (as seen in the photo).
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