What’s the difference between Sting and Thud?


Sting Vs. Thud – The age old question. All floggers have some of each but here is the rule of thumb. Sting is decided mostly by the type of hide you are using; where as Thud is decided by how thick the hide is and how many tails you have, aka “total mass”.

Examples of sting: stock braid floggers, bootlace floggers, rubber floggers and most of all that you will see on our high intensity page.

Examples of thud: anything with more tails, a double or a mop. Anything that is a thicker or spongier hide.

Doubling the tails dramatically increases the thud of the flogger, giving you that cathartic slam. This is important in lighter and medium hides where you may want a very soft feel but lots of thud. It’s also why thick hides like bull and Buffalo or anything made into a mop are so amazing and overwhelming.


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