DeTails Toys in our new world – Times are a’changing


Things are changing here at DeTails Toys. First, the world is changing and we have no idea when and or if we’ll have shows to do in the foreseeable future.  Also, after all these years co-owner Domina Skye has retired to do her amazing artwork which we’ll let you know about soon.

We had to make some big changes here and although we know some of you will be disappointed we think most of you are going to be very excited.

We no longer make custom floggers.

For years we assumed that people wanted custom pieces first and foremost. But over the years our customers have been more and more frustrated by our not having things in stock to ship immediately. We realize that the majority of our customers, in this Amazon world, would rather not wait 6 weeks if they can just choose from what is in stock. To do that and still keep our quality up, we had to make this decision.

However, this means that everything that is available is now listed on this website. Click on the type of hide you want and you will be presented with all the floggers we have in stock of that hide! You’ll get your flogger in a few days, not months!!

We are going to have some EXCITING new products coming,  some that aren’t even BDSM toys?!? Some of you have been with us for almost 25 years, we have generations of friends and we think we can find a bunch of stuff that you guys will love.

In closing, Thank you! Thank you for all these years of support. You have let us do something we love for over 20 years. We really love you guys and we think this is really the best solution to the problem. If you have questions or just want to let us know how happy or not so happy you are 😉 you can contact us directly at changes@DeTails 

Much Love
Bo & Skye and Staff

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