The Rat™

This has become one of our favorite toys. From it's flexible 12 plait single tail top, down to it's rat's tail end, THE RAT looks almost innocent... cute even! BUT we assure you it's not. It can be super intense. There is just something about this toy, it's weighted perfectly and is almost impossible NOT to make it crack with the lightest of throws. We dare you NOT to become addicted to just throwing this toy over and over and hearing it's pleasing effortless crack.

When you see us out at shows, we are constantly playing with a Rat and we always sell whatever we have in stock. There is just something about these toys everyone loves! Also it's a great toy to train your single tail stroke with. Approx 43" in total length. (18" body, 25" average tail - tail length varies) Customize your whip body with up to 2 colors.

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