Ahhh, the "Single tail" (Or the more properly named "Signal whip"), by far the most popular choice of BDSM whip enthusiasts. Accuracy, thunderous whip cracking and the ability to use in indoor play spaces, all add up to one versatile whip!

Our whips are made in America by top whip makers, using the finest Kangaroo available. They are perfectly balanced, shot loaded and braided with 16 plaits to give you excellent control.

For those of you who are new to whips and are looking for your first single tail, you should know that the 4 foot whip is the most popular and multipurpose size. The 3 foot whip is just a bit smaller, easier to handle but harder to crack. Some people who are a bit shorter/smaller in frame prefer a shorter whip but the LARGE majority of the whips we see are the 4 footers. We also have the very popular new 2 foot mini single tails, this is going to be very difficult to crack if at all, but it's VERY easy to use and requires almost zero technical skill. The 2 rooters are 12 plait and about 32" head to toe.

There are many different views as to what type of single tail you should purchase. Many of the top whip masters and teachers in the BDSM scene insist on a very stiff whip. Others tell you the opposite and teach you to break in your whip and make it soft! What's a new whip user to do??? Regardless make sure it's "A HIGH QUALITY ONE" Be careful... it's sometimes very hard to tell. Look down the side of the whip and look for straight braiding. Feel the whip and look for lumps and bumps. Deal only with a reputable seller! We feel it's better to start with a very stiff, well constructed whip, regardless of how you want to break it in.

If you have the time and patience, the best method to break in a whip is to simply USE IT. The only problem with that is, you can forget about using that new whip for a while till you break it in. So to solve that dilemma our whip maker can, at your request braid the last half of the whip a bit looser so that it's more usable sooner. If you want a looser braid, let us know in the "Notes" section of the checkout form. Customize your whip body with up to 2 colors. 

IMPORTANT: If you like a stiff whip, you need to choose black as at least one of your two colors. Our whipmaker has told us that other color dyes make the braid a bit looser. ALSO IF YOU ORDER A WHIP WITHOUT any black color, the whip is NOT RETURNABLE unless there is a defect. Whips that do not contain black are a custom order and very difficult for us to resell.


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