She Devil™

Our She Devil starts out as a 12 plait single tail but ends up with three evil tails of fire. Although it bears a resemblance to a cat it delivers a totally different sensation. With it's heavy, fully flexible handle and it's kangeroo hide tips it can go from mild to very intense with a snap of your wrist. A unique feature is that the whole overlay and the falls are all in one piece, something you rarely see in a multi strand whip.

Add to all this that the tips on the falls are easily and inexpensively, replaceable (when they are worn or soiled) and you can see why this whip is truly "one of a kind". We suggest the beautiful Red & Black color scheme but Black on Black is also available. Approx total length 39". (18" body, 13" braided, 7"- 9" tips)

This is a big favorite in the NYC Pro Domme community. We're not sure if it's the great looks, the awesome functionality or a little of both, but this toy is a super hot seller to our Pro Domme clients. NOTE: If you want the whip to be as it is in the picture, just choose "Black with Red Knots & Tips" in the first box only. If you want the body to be Red and Black with black knots and black tips, just choose "black" in the first box and "red" in the second box. Knots can ONLY be Red with black body, anything else will have black knot

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