We are excited to bring you these fantastic Mini BULLWHIPS! BullWhips are so much fun but it's very hard to find a place where you can use them indoors. The basic differences between a Single Tail/Signal whip and a BullWhip is that the BullWhip has a rigid section in the top part of the whip handle and at the end there is an extra piece of leather called the "Fall" between the end of the whip body and the cracker. With bullwhips you don't count the "Fall" as part of the whip so our 4 foot Bullwhip is over 5 feet long  and our 3 foot Bullwhip is over 4 feet.

SNAKE WHIPS are the hybrid between a Mini Bullwhip and a Single Tail/Signal whip. Snakewhips are exactly the same as the a Bullwhip but instead of the rigid handle it has the same flexible handle as the Single Tail/Signal whip.

The quality of these whips are superb, it's made with 16 plaits and you will really appreciate the beautiful craftsmanship put into it. Customize your whip body with up to 2 colors including a Natural Tan Indiana Jones look.

IMPORTANT: If you like a stiff whip, you need to choose black as at least one of your two colors. Our whipmaker has told us that other color dyes make the braid a bit looser. ALSO IF YOU ORDER A WHIP WITHOUT any black color, the whip is NOT RETURNABLE unless there is a defect. Whips that do not contain black are a custom order and very difficult for us to resell.

Priced between $250.00 & $295.00

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