Our Vampire gloves are the best! We use only the highest quality, nickel plated solid brass spikes and our gloves are covered with them in the fingers and the palms. These take hours to make and are extremely labor intensive. Watch for knock-offs that only have spikes in one area or the other. These are great for sensation play, they are just sharp enough to have your partner shuddering but not so sharp that they will immediately cut skin. If you are interested in doing blood play then these can definitely break skin if you use them a bit harder.  A wonderful toy for either. (We suggest buying a size or two larger as it makes it easier to get these very "pointy" gloves on and off)

NEW: E-Vampire Gloves - Our friend Joe Bags from the Violet Wand Guild asked us to make a pair of Vampire gloves for him that he could use with his violet wand. As you can see by the following testimonial, it was a great success so we decided to add them to our regular line of products.

I have had many chances to use and test your E-Vampire gloves since receiving them. Their conductive properties when used with a violet wand are just awesome. I highly recommend these gloves to anyone with an interest in violet wand play.
Joe Bags - Violet Wand Guild Treasurer & Certified Master

Please be advised that although we have not received any complaints so far, we are not responsible for spikes that may come loose on these gloves over time. In order to make the gloves conductive to electricity, the smooth side of the spikes must be exposed inside the glove and although we add extra glues, we cannot secure the spikes in the same way we do in our regular vampire gloves.

Priced at $65.00

Size------ Palm------ Palm to Finger
XS 3.5" 7"
S 4" 7.5"
M 4" 7.75"
L 4.5" 7.75"
XL 4.5" 8"
2XL 4.5" 8.25"
3XL 4.75" 8.25"
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Price: $65.00

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