Unisex Chrome Plated Steel Cuffs/Restraints

These Unisex Chrome-plated Steel Cuffs/Restraints are just beautiful. Everyone in our office has been drooling over them and ordering a pair for themselves.

You get 1 pair (2 Pieces) with Magnet Locking Pins. The magnetic locking pins stay put, yet pop out easily with a gentle push from the opposite side (you can use the point of a pen or anything else that size). They are a perfect weight, not too heavy and not too light. These cuffs are are perfect to dress up your outfit and also very functional. Just remember that they are Chrome-plated so if you use for bondage, metal clips or connectors could scratch the plating.

Priced at $65

The inside diameter of this S Size is 5.5 cm, the width is 2.0 cm.
The inside diameter of this M Size is 6.0 cm, the width is 2.0 cm.

The inside diameter of this L Size is 7.0 cm, the width is 2.0 cm.
The weight of this item is approximately 380g(14 ounces).

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Price: $65.00

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