Ball Crusher

100% Handmade, by the kinky blacksmith, this thin but strong piece of Stainless Steel is a one of a kind.

For those that love CBT this is a simple and very effective device. Just turn the screw counter clockwise, to make the bar apply pressure against the balls. When you‘re ready to release them just reverse the direction of the screw.

This device is also great for use as a parachute for hanging weights/tying balls off to another object. Anyone into serious cock and ball play ( CBT ) should have one of these menacing looking crushers in their toy bag.

Priced at $35.00

Measurements: This crusher is 3.5" high and 3.2" wide with an inner opening of 2.9" x 2.6". The closure clamps down all the way to zero movement. The weight of this item is approximately 155g


Price: $35.00

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