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I wanted to thank you for your excellent service, prompt delivery & outstanding value! I ordered 3 floggers & had a very helpful discussion with one of your reps, delivery was in only 3 weeks time and the products an excellent value! Nicely weighted and finished, the falls drape neatly and throw beautifully! I have no hesitation recommending Details floggers as the "best bang for the buck" value out there!
Gary S. FL

'The package arrived last night. Thanks for the outstanding support. I look forward to placing our next order!!'
Pittsburg, PA

"I got my floggers today and they are by far, the most beautiful floggers I have seen... I finally found my place for floggers and whips :-) Thank you again"
Mistress Katya, NY

'The flogger got here in time and everything about it is perfect! Master and i love it. You were so wonderful to work with me, I can't imagine looking anywhere else for a flogger. You guys are the best!'
New Mexico

We received the package yesterday well-intact. We're both very pleased with it! I think "spongy" is a good way to describe the texture of the moose, and it is mostly thuddy, which is exactly what we wanted, but also soft. My wife says it almost feels like a massage when done right. Thanks very much, I'm sure we'll be ordering again soon!
Aioi-shi, Hyogo-ken, JAPAN

"...thanks again for fulfilling my unusual custom flogger request. You made me a 3 foot long elk flogger with 50 1/4'' tails with a black and green handle. The flogger is BEAUTIFUL! I am very pleased with it as is my friend for whom it was ordered."
Oklahoma City, OK

"I bought two elk floggers from you about a month ago and I'm very happy with them... exquisite quality!  Everyone in our local BDSM group has been ultra impressed and asks me where I got them, and I'm more than happy to tell them."
Des Moines, IA

"Hi... Just wanted to let you know I just received the floggers I ordered and I am quite pleased with them."
Newton, MA

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These are our medium floggers, both in terms of intensity and the feel of the tails. They are perhaps our most versatile floggers and can be used throughout a session. General information applicable to all our floggers can be found on our Main Floggers page.

Elk is one of our most popular hides. It is extremely versatile and feels wonderful. A regular size elk flogger can feel soft but stingy and is an excellent weight for people who want to learn double handed (florentine) flogger technique.

One of our most popular floggers is the Double Elk as it has great THUD with a nice soft feel. Many people ask us "what is a good FIRST flogger?" or "if I can only afford one flogger what would you suggest? We usually recommend a Double Elk (or a Single if you are not as into a thuddy feel). Tails available in black, cinnamon & white.

Single Double Mop
Short tail: $80
Medium tail: $85

Long tail: $95
Double Short tail: $110
Double Medium tail:$115
Double Long tail: $130
Elk Mop: 225.00

If you want something medium weight but a bit more sting then elk, Suede is for you! The perfect middle weight flogger that comes in many beautiful colors. Suede offers an excellent balance of thud and sting due to the weight and abrasive finish of suede. Remember to double the tails if you want the flogger to be extra thuddy. Our regular Suede flogger tails are available in black, red, white, purple, hunter green, pink, royal blue, gold.

Approx. 75 thin, velvety soft, 1 inch wide tails make this a very thuddy, yummy, toy with low level sting. Regular size handle. Tails available in black, blue, purple & red

Single Double Mop
Short tail: $85
Medium tail: $90

Long tail: $95
Double Short tail: $110
Double Medium tail:$115
Double Long tail: $130
Regular Suede Mop: 225.00

Soft Suede Mini Mop: $135.00


This is a great new item that people have been snatching up as fast as we can make them, when we are vending at events. The Egyptian has the flexible handle of a riding crop along with the slappy thud of a bunch of 1/4" cowhide leather strips. The Egyptian is medium intensity and just feels good to use, both giving and receiving. Perfect for all over body work but especially interesting for genital play!
Tails available in Black

Egyptian: $50.00



The moose we have been getting is a bit heavier then elk but not quite as heavy as we've gotten in the past. If you are looking for super thud, go with Buffalo, but if you'd like something just a bit heavier then elk, this is a great choice. Also we corrently have moose in hunter green and red only. Check back in the future as we never know when we'll get in different moose colors.

Single Double Mop
Short tail: $85
Medium tail: $90

Long tail: $110
Double Short tail: $115
Double Medium tail:$125
Double Long tail: $145

Mop: 245.00


These are natural "REAL" horsehair floggers that make great warm-up and mid-session floggers. The sting of this flogger is evenly distributed due to the large number of tails. (We're not sure how many there are actually - they're too small to count.) Tails are available in black, white, blue, red, turquoise and purple.

Human Hair: $100
Yes! We can take your supplied human or synthetic hair and create a flogger for you.

Please note that since human hair is a one of a one of a kind, irreplaceable item; you must specify how much you wish to insure your package for and we will add that cost on to whatever shipping method you choose.

Single Double
Short tail: $85
Medium tail: $90

Long tail: $110
Double Short tail: $115
Double Medium tail:$120
Double Long tail: $145

Like the horsehair floggers above, these are made from natural horsehair. However, these floggers have braided tails which increases the sting while eliminating tangles. Tails are available in black, white, blue, red, turquoise, and purple. Two and three tone tails are also available. Please inquire.

Braided Horsehair : $135.00

Show your BDSM pride and pick up this beautiful recreation of the Leather Pride Flag, in Flogger form! This flogger is can be created in either suede or deer and can be purchased as a single, double or mop .

Single Double Mop
Short tail: $85
Medium tail: $90

Long tail: $100
Double Short tail: $115
Double Medium tail:$120
Double Long tail: $135

Pride Mop: 230.00


The Mini 'sTHE MINI'S
These are mini versions of our full size floggers with approximately 8 to 12 inch tails. The handles are braided and knotted just like their full size brothers. These are great for Breast/Chest/Genital play or when you want to keep a low profile and put your toy inside a purse or coat pocket. Great gift ideas. Mini's versions can be made for just about all our floggers.
Priced at $40.00 each.


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