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"I wanted to let you know I really love your products. I've been into BDSM for the last 13 years and I have never seen the quality in floggers for the price you offer anywhere else. My collection includes many of your items and I love them all. Thank you for taking pride in your work. I really appreciate it... as does my sub!
Washington, D.C.

"As a professional with many years under my belt, I've had many toys and tools come through the dungeon and by far, yours is the most beautiful work I have ever seen! I'm very impressed with the workmanship and attention to detail,  it's just flat out amazing! The construction is so SOLID. It's obvious that you really know what you're doing and care about your product. I will be doing a great deal more business with you this coming year!
Master Virage, NJ

" The flogger was delivered today, its quality and appearance are exquisite. My 'pet' will be here this weekend and I am excited to try it out on her."
Denver, CO

"Thank you for shipping my order so promptly. I received it just in time this morning. Happy Holidays!!"
Brockton, MA

"Just wanted to let you know the flogger got here and is excellent. I'm very pleased."
Juneau, AK


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Floggers can be made countless different ways by combining different tails with different colors and patterns on the handles.
Remember at DeTails it's always the same low price for you to design and order the exact flogger you want. Please look through our many different types of floggers by clicking on the low intensity flogger, medium intensity flogger, high intensity flogger and/or flogger accessories links.

The following is some general information about our floggers. Remember we are here to help you. Feel free to call or email us with your questions and we will be glad to walk you thru ordering the perfect flogger.

Our standard floggers are 1/2" wide and have the following specifications:
(Any exceptions to these guidelines are noted in the descriptions of the particular flogger.)

  Number of Tails Length of Tails
Length of Tails
Length of Tails
Handle Length Handle Circum-
Mini 9-14 8"-13" -- -- 7" 3.25"
Standard 18-22 13"-16" 17"-20" 21"-24" 9" 3.5"
Double 35-45 13"-16" 17"-20" 21"-24" 9" 3.5"
Cats 9-12 13"-16" 17"-20" 21"-24" 9" 3.5"
Mop 65-100 -- -- 21"-24" 11" 4.0"

Sting Vs. Thud - Ahh the age old question. All floggers have some of each but here is the rule of thumb. Sting is decided mostly by the type of hide you are using; where as Thud is decided by how thick the hide is and how many tails you have.

Doubling the tails dramatically increases the thud of the flogger, giving you that cathartic slam. This is important in lighter and medium hides where you may want a very soft feel but lots of thud. It's also why thick hides like bull and buffallo or anything made into a mop are so amazing and overwhelming. When you are looking for something dynamic, you want a Mop!

Matched flogger pairs and/or sets allow you to create a wide range of sensations. They are often used for 2 handed/Florentine Flogging, where 2 floggers used at the same time. Elk and Deer are very popular hides for this type of play as most people prefer a lighter flogger to save wear and tear on their wrists. Then again, we know people who have Matched pairs of EVERYTHING and just love them, so it depends on how strong your wrists are. Your set can have identical or complementary tail colors as well as identical or complementary handle designs/colors.

Handle color options
Shown below is our attempt to provide you with some ideas on the colors available for the handle of your flogger. While these samples come close to accurately depicting some of your choices, we have TONS MORE in different colors, prints and textures.

PLEASE NOTE: THE COLORS BELOW ARE FOR REFERENCE ONLY, WE DO NOT ALWAYS HAVE THESE EXACT PATTERNS AND COLORS IN STOCK. We actually have many more then are listed here! Your best bet is to let us know the basic colors, patterns, finishes you'd like for your Flogger and we'll take it from there.

The Metallics:
1.Blue 2.Red 3.Green 4.Purple 5.Gold 6.Silver
Textured Patents:
10.Bronze/black 11.Black 12.Cinnamon 13.Royal blue
14. Olive green 15. Black
16. Pink (f) 17. Dark pink (ss) 18. Coral (ss)
Textured Colors:
19. Red 20. Green 21. Black 22. Red (ft)
Blues and Greens:
23. Royal blue (f) 24. Navy blue (f) 25. Dark teal (f)
26. Bright teal (ss) 27. Dark hunter green (f)
Blacks and Purples:
28. Black (f) 29. Grey (f) 32. Plum (f)
Reds and Golds:
33. Burgundy (f) 34. Burgundy (ss)
35. Dark cherry (f) 36. Gold (f)

(Key: (f) indicates a flat color; (ss) indicates a color with a slight shine; (st) indicates a color with a slight texture; (ft) indicates a color with a fine texture.)



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